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About Us

Welcome to NÜN

We’re a lifestyle brand based in the UK that strongly believes in work as play.

Since 2013, our idea from day one has been to design & produce original creations to share them with the world directly from our small manufacturing office in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are proudly one of the very few clothing brands who try to eliminate the use of sweatshop labour from their business practice. 

Our office employs seven brilliant seamstresses who love what they do, and deserve to be paid a decent wage. 

We don’t believe it as a selling point, we believe it as a basic human right.

Our brand functions under these guiding principles:

  • To spread awareness and to provide a safe, sweatshop free working environment for our members of staff, free from factories. 
  • To continue growing and learning as an ethically conscious brand and to maintain our principle values always.
  • To build and maintain strong relationships with all of the amazing people we interact with, our customers, our community, our influencers, and the world.


Find us at-

Instagram: @nunofficialstore


Our Showroom:

1761/5 Town In Town Soi 1,
Wang Tong Lang,
Bangkok, Thailand