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Jenn Im

"I'm a California girl born and raised so I've always loved clothing that has worked for warm weather. I love that all pieces from Nün Bangkok are fashion forward and perfect for the heat."


Karen Yeung

"Nun Bangkok is one of my favorite brands - always comfy, always innovative and always serving up hot pieces every season."


Yanin Namasonthi

"Nun Bangkok is so refreshing with their view on comfort and minimal luxe style! I love how the pieces fit and that its sweat shop free!"


"Nün Bangkok has been one of my favorite clothing finds ever! They are like a best kept secret. When I first tried the brand, I immediately felt a confidence boost because the clothing was SO flattering to my body shape. I had never been able to wear crop tops before and now because of Nün I can rock them because of the way the clothes make me feel."

Mei- @Infrontofapple

"Nun Bangkok started small and now they outshine corporate fast fashion with their style, heart, ethics"


Ravadee Sim

I always have a problem with brands where they don't take into consideration girls with petite figures. Nun Bangkok uses quality material to where it emphasizes your little curves. The mesh detailing is my favorite because it adds a bit of sexiness while throwing some grunge/street edge to your look. Confidence is also an  important quality to have when your sporting an outfit. This brand just elevates that with their attention to detail and materials they use. Overall, wearing Nun Bangkok makes me feel like a total baddy!